Hugo de la O

Professionalism · Respect · Honesty

Supply Chain · Management and Finance · Sales and Marketing

A bad candidate is your worst enemy because he/she can harm your image towards your customers, internal or external, about your capacity to obtain the best candidates. This could create a misperception of your job, what at the end, will damage your professional practice. I know, it is only incorrect to try to cheat you, I will never do that.

On the contrary, let me work with you to help you to  hit another success to your career:

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Skills and Competencies.

I am a person who is able to deliver A Message to Garcia, although I know that the best teams, the high-performance ones, maintain a clear and simple communication that allow them to make last minute changes totally clearly, guaranteeing the required flexibility by our current world.

On the one hand, I am a Kaizen follower, this is the reason why my personal development is focused on the following skills suggested by the World Economic Forum in the report The Future of Jobs (WEF, 2016, p. 21): Complex problems solving skills,  Critical Thinking, Creativity, People Management, Coordinating with others, Emotional Intelligence, Judgement and Decision-Making , Service Orientations, Negotiations y Cognity Flexibility. I use this information as a  reference framework to lead my personal improvement.

On the other hand, I make a mix of the Emotional Intelligence purposed  by Daniel Goleman and concepts from several books by authors widely diverse as Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, Michael Gerber, Chet Holmes, Robert Kiyosaki, Eliyahu Goldratt, and some other classics like Plato and Aristotle in furtherance to develop qualities like: Trust, Assertiveness, Responsibility, Flexibility, Social Habilities, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Empathy, Change Tolerance, Time Management and Decision-Making.

Formal Education.

I studied at Tec de Monterrey, at campuses: Eugenio Garza Lagüera, Campus Monterrey y Campus Mexico State, from this one I got graduated as B.A. International Business Management with a specialism on Custom’s Law. Because of this, I had collaborated successfully for the companies I had worked for in the areas of International Business and Supply Chain Management.

On the side of Business Management and Coaching, by ActionCoach USA Inc. I got certified as Business Coach which means that besides this methodology, I am an expert in business topics like Teambuilding, Customer Service, Products, and Services Delivery, KPIs, Marketing, Sales, Processes and Procedures, Management and Finances,  etc.

As part of my education on topics from Emotional Intelligence, I got certified by MVS Radio as Radio Host after the successful conclusion of a diploma, I obtained the certified issued by that company, but besides, the document delivered by the Public Education Secretariat, part of the Mexican Federal Government.

In order to enhance my professional abilities, I am enroled at the University of the People, in an MBA online. This university is located at Pasadena, California, USA.

Most of my updating and constant improvement happens while I read books or stories to my little girls, I need to increase my mentorship skills to lead them, my family and my coworkers every day, developing new dexterities every possible moment studying books and several publications like:


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