Hugo de la O

Working to achieve equality for free competition.

Gender equality · Against trafficking · Equal opportunities.

More than once I have been discriminated because of my origin, thoughts, and beliefs. This is the reason why I am working to implement initiatives that foster fight against social inequity in any of its expressions, but above all: Gender Equality, Human Trafficking Initiatives and trying to equal opportunities between people.

Human trafficking.

If we can define one of the worst crimes against children, vulnerable groups, and humankind, it is precisely human trafficking. The slavery of people, most of the times girls and boys, to be forced to behave is such a way that their morale and destiny are seriously damaged, is incredible. By the moment, I am just supporting causes such as Alerta Amber Mexico and Comisión Unidos vs. Trata by indirect means. Nevertheless, I am preparing the launch of an initiative which will help to fight this crime more directly.

Gender equality.

Have you seen the following video?


After so, it is clearly understood the gap between genders and the lot of work to do to overcome it. From my position, every moment I foster it. This webpage is just another tool to get it.


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