Hugo de la O

My goal, your quality of life.

More Profit · More Free Time · Quality of life

Your worst enemy is a business or organization that consumes your quality of life. During my career I have accomplished goals for companies to improve their results increasing profits, freeing time for and enhance the quality of life for the people involved, mainly the owners. You’re not alone.  I can help you to achieve the results that despite the effort you had committed to getting them, have been unreachable. At this moment, I am dedicated to doing Business Coaching on a specific project basis, such as:


  • Business Plans. As a Start-up or an ongoing company, it is necessary to create, review and improve in regard to the market requirements, a business plan which helps you to asses the performance of your company on the long run.

High-performance entrepreneurs.

  • Effective Marketing. The core of every enterprise is Sales and developing an MP (Marketing Plan) will help you to identify all tactics you’ll need to deploy all the resources available in the company and win the race, at the end of this process you’ll get it.
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). This is ‘the must’ of high-performance strategies in a business, that will help you to align and coordinate all the people and efforts of your company towards a given goal.
  • Dashboards. All your company, summarized into a simple graphical analysis that will lead you to keep your focus on the most important tasks, the long-term strategy, will give your back immediate results.

Basics on control and management.

  • Inventory control The goal of this projects is to reduce the value and amount of inventories in the companies of our customers in furtherance to increase profits and cash flows. KPI (Key Performance Indicator): Inventory Value.
  • Supply/demand balance. To provide to your customers a better fill rate for every order of your customers, and reduce the answer time of your company to changes in the social and economic environments.
  • Warehousing layouts As part of the improvement of the delivery rate of your warehouses and reduce the ETD of each of your customer’s orders, this project tends to improve your warehouse spaces that will be controlled by a Warehouse Management Software or a simple Kanban board.
  • Financial Information. In other words, create, evaluate, compare and update the information that your company generates on a daily basis in order to help you to make decisions.
  • Standard Operations Procedures. Either for establishing the basis for a  quality or operational certification or because of the necessity to standardize your company’s outcomes by creating, deploying and constant improvement of the SOPs you will get freedom.


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