Hugo de la O

Country Manager.


Hugo de la O has accumulated 20 years of experience in the business. His current job is as Deputy Director of Management and Finance in a TI company, he had been Business Coach and Consultant, of organizations from sectors like services, manufacture, transformation, and extractive. Previously, he had worked as Logistics and Operations Manager for two transnational companies related to the chemical, petrochemical and health industries. He knows how to take advantage of all this knowledge in benefit of people, enterprises, and organizations he works for.

C-level business lead (2014 – current).

Currently, Hugo de la O is Deputy Director of Management and Finance at TECLO Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. His duty includes the areas of Facilities Management, Human Resources, Purchasing, Accounting and, Financial Planning and Analysis. He has created the teams and structures needed in order to ensure control of the company’s operations, the correct classification and accounting of those tasks, as well as on time execution of cited activities. The above has created a new era for the company. He has provided his strategic and business vision in such a way that he had influenced planning and decisions that improved the performance of the company in the short, medium and long terms.

Besides, Hugo de la O has influenced determinedly the strategy in the areas of marketing, sales, and supply. He has placed the company in the mindset of the industry by executing activities in furtherance to promote the brand along the country and using several media. Also, he created and is kaizening the Sales SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) and, complementing this process he has achieved supply agreements with companies from domestic and overseas markets that positions the brand as a relevant competitor in the field.

Knowledge update and business coaching (2008 – 2014).

In 2008, he was certified by ActionCoach USA, Inc. as Business Coach, this is the reason why he practices business coaching and consulting for several people, institutions, companies, and organizations. Today, he provides this services on a weekend basis professionally, most are short-term services with specific objectives, fundamentally provided by the platform LinkedIn.com.

As Business Coach, he helped to achieve the creation of a new distribution channel for the luxury industry, he helped to balance demand with the obvious profit and sales increments for companies of the manufacture, services, chemicals, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as the development of SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) and TCQ (Total Quality Control) procedures for dozens of companies in Mexico, the KPI used to measure the performance of his practice always has been the Net Profit of the companies and it has increased from 10% to 60% in a year. For Government, he was included by INIFAP as part of its strategic planning, he developed initiatives for youth in the Municipality of Texcoco and collaborated with the Economic Development Offices of municipalities such as Teotihuacan, San Martin de la Piramides, and Texcoco. Finally, dictated business workshops for students of the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, and for undergraduates and general people in conventions hosted in the Centro de Convenciones de Morelos.

With organizations from the private sector, he collaborated with the Asociación de Industriales de Chalco, the Asociación Industrial Vallejo, and the COPARMEX Oriente, delivering workshops, conferences, and training for workers of the associations and members by win-win agreements that allow them to get common goals as a team.

Supply Chain Management (2004 – 2008)

As Logistics Manager for the companies Oxiteno México, S.A. de C.V. and Karl Zeiss Vision, S. de R.L. de C.V., he leades the process of demand planning, national and international distribution, fleet management, purchasing and supply, and international trade for both companies. With an outstanding performance in warehousing management and distribution centers, in Mexico and in the USA. He received, in may of 2005 the acknowledge by the second cited enterprice above, as the site manager with the best performance (globally). He learned and implemented the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).


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